Sleepy Ferret Won’t Wake Up For Petting

Is the ferret so sleepy he can’t wake up, or is the petting making him sleepy?

ferret yawning
Via Matt Lawyer/YouTube 
“I’d like to stay awake, but I can’t.”

Ah, the life of a ferret. It can be difficult. Take for instance when you really want to catch some shuteye but your human just won’t stop petting you. What can you do? In this video, the ferret yawns and yawns and dozes off anyway. Pepe is definitely a sleepy ferret! Does he care that his leg is being moved around or he’s getting head and neck scratches? Nooooope. It’s strictly Zzzz time.

It’s not unusual for ferrets to sleep deeply. In fact, sometimes they sleep so deeply that it’s difficult to wake them and owners fear that they have died. Luckily, Pepe is quite obviously alive, just sleepy!

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Pepe’s video was posted to YouTube by Matt Lawyer, who has been posting ferret videos for at least two years. While Pepe’s fight against the snooze is beyond cute, so far, the most popular video Lawyer posted was in late 2013, and it showed a ferret using a dog to help her escape over a gate. You read that right. The dog was in the right place at the right time, or was it the wrong place at the right time? Watch it below.

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