Sleeping Puppy Photos

What could be cuter than a puppy? A sleeping puppy! Check out these five adorable puppy pictures.

Everyone’s heard the expression “let sleeping dogs lie.” We are pretty sure it had nothing to do with causing trouble, but rather not missing an opportunity to take an adorable sleeping dog picture!

Dogs sleep anywhere from 12-18 hours per day and puppies can sleep close to 20 hours per day. With so much sleeping to get done this means there are plenty of opportunities to capture dogs sleeping in all types of places and positions.

After a DogChannel photo shoot left us with a pile of eight sleeping Labrador Retriever puppies we were inspired to find more great photos of sleeping puppies. We’ve scoured the web to bring you five great photos of sleeping puppies.

Labrador Retriever Puppies

These lovable and cuddly Labrador puppies fell asleep one by one during their photo session.
This photo comes from our very own Bowtie Studios, Photo courtesy Gina Cioli.


sleeping puppy

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in the car? At least he wasn’t driving. This little pup sure knows how to get comfortable on a long ride. 
Bassett Hound puppy
 I’m soooo hunnnggrrrryyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Who said dog food can’t double as a pillow?
Cocker Spaniel puppy
Maybe she’s dreaming of doing the backstroke or sitting on a beach chair in the carribean. Either way we wouldn’t mind taking a nap next to this relaxed, little lady.
Corgi puppy
We can all relate to a hard day at the office. Just keep the puppy drool off the keyboards.
Do you have any cute sleeping puppy or dog photos at home? Share them in our Sleeping Dog photo gallery>>
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