Skechers Brings in New Star Player for Super Bowl Commercial

Who would you rather see in a Super Bowl commercial - Kim Kardashian or a Bulldog?

Sorry Kardashian fan’s this vote goes to the dog lovers.

Kim Kardashion who starred in Skechers’ 2011 Super Bowl commercial, has been dropped from this year’s commercial. Her replacement? A French Bulldog.

Even though the shoe company reported a significant increase in popularity since Kardashian’s appearance in its advertising, it has chosen to trade “racy” for “racing.” The Skechers’ 2012 Super Bowl ad will focus on its line of high-tech running shoes. The spot will also sport a cameo by Mark Cuban, owner of The Texas Mavericks.

The featured Frenchie will be decked out in the brand’s new GOrun shoes as he faces off against a pack of Greyhounds to compete as the ultimate “underdog.”

While Skecher’s has dropped one controversial character, the ad is not without its own controversy. The animal rights group Grey2K USA wants the ad pulled. Concerned about the use of the Tucson Greyhound Park as the commercial’s set and backdrop, the group is stating that animals were mistreated and kept in tiny cages during the filming of the ad.  

Skechers representatives state that the point of the ad is not to glamorize dog racing, but to be a David and Goliath type metaphor.

Grey2K’s protests Skechers>>

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