Six Steps to Help Homeless Pets

Ways animal lovers can contribute to the homeless pet population in their community.

Rescue groups struggling to stay open, people who no longer can afford their pets, shelters that can’t keep up with the high intake of animals, and reports of cats and dogs left behind to fend for themselves after a foreclosure can all take advantage of the tips offered by a national animal group.

The following steps can help people contribute to the homeless pet population in their community:

  1. Make a small donation to a local rescue group or shelter and get five friends to do the same.
  2. Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue group.
  3. Foster a homeless pet and promote him or her for adoption.
  4. Spay/neuter cats and dogs. For those who can afford to do so, donate the cost of a spay-neuter procedure for a neighbor who cannot pay to have a pet altered.
  5. If possible, consider adopting one more dog or one more cat.
  6. Donate to a local pet food bank.
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