Six-Legged Cat Has Surgery to Remove Extra Limbs

Pauly, the cat with six legs, had his extra limbs removed and now can get back to being a regular cat.

Fundraising efforts are underway for Pauly, a six-legged cat from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to remove the cat’s extra legs and replenish funds spent on the cat’s care.

Two weeks ago, Little Cats Lost, a non-profit spay, neuter and rescue society, began an online campaign to pay for the six-legged cat’s care and rehabilitation.

So far, the rescue organization has raised nearly double the funds needed for the six-legged cat’s surgery. From his crowd-sourcing page:
My name is Pauly and I have six legs! I have been living on the streets of Edmonton. When I was in utero I must have had a twin that was conjoined with me. All that grew of my brother/sister is his/her two back legs that are now attached to my sternum and a small extra kidney. Surprisingly, I survived despite my challenges.

Updates on the fundraising site say the first surgery Pauly needed went well and corrected a hip issue, as well as removed an extra set of kidneys. The follow-up procedure will remove the cat’s extra legs.

Neighbors in southwest Edmonton noticed the cat with extra legs, who looks to be about 7 years old, roaming around in late April, the Edmonton Journal reports. The neighbors contacted Little Cats Lost in June when Pauly started having trouble walking.

Little Cats Lost volunteers and vets from Oxford Animal Hospital have assessed Pauly’s behavior and physique over the past few weeks to ensure the cat’s proper post-surgery care. Doctors say the legs must be removed to ensure Pauly’s health.

After surgery, Pauly will spend a week recovering at the hospital. The cat will then go to a foster home where he’ll learn how to trust human caregivers so he can be adopted.

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