Six Hedgehogs In A Muffin Tin

You haven’t seen everything until you’ve seen six adorable hedgehogs doing their best imitation of muffins.

hedgehog muffins
Via Fabulous Mr. Pug/YouTube  
I’m sure that these hedgehog “muffins” are the cutest thing to ever sit in this tin.

I’ve seen muffin tins used for many things besides actually baking muffins. But this is the first time I’ve seen a muffin tin used as a hedgehog carrier. You have to admit it’s genius — a quick way to transport that still gives the hedgehogs a sense of security. After all, they can curl up to fit in perfectly, at least until they’re fully grown.

The video, aptly titled Hedgehog Muffins and uploaded to YouTube by user Fabulous Mr. Pug, offers a great glimpse at how differently hedgehogs can look and act. Of course, big points go to the fearless explorer hedgehog. Or maybe he just has insomnia and cant’ sleep during the day like the others. Hedgehogs are nocturnal.

Another plus to this video is the obvious care that’s taken to ensure the hedgehogs’ welfare. The muffin tin isn’t just plopped down. The person sets it down and then gently lowers the final side to minimize jarring. 

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These babies are adorable in a group. And it seems like the Internet can’t get enough of hedgehog videos. Be it the adorable confusion of a hedgehog wowed by the outdoors, three wild baby hedgehogs sneezing or using night vision to see what hedgehogs do at night, many hedgehog videos are out there to enjoy — and this makes one more!

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