Sisters Donate to Canine Cancer Research

The Frost sisters give up birthday gifts to help fund Cure Canine Cancer campaign.

Since 2005, Courtney Frost of North Carolina and her younger sister, Leah, have given up birthday presents. Instead, the two have asked friends for donations to the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) in honor the Frosts’ family dog, Sampson, who died of cancer. The sisters hope to honor Sampson and to make the world a better place for all dogs and the people who love them.

“I decided to give money to Morris Animal Foundation to cure cancer because I don’t want other people and animals to go through what we did,” Courtney said. “I keep giving to them in hopes that they can find a cure for all cancers for dogs and people.”

The Morris Animal Foundation funds research to protect, treat and cure animals, including those suffering from cancer. In 2007, the nonprofit launched a canine cancer campaign that is funding research to help prevent the disease and to treat dogs suffering today. The organization’s work is also helping humans with cancer, including children.

When birthday time rolls around, Courtney and Leah send a special donation form with their party invites. The best part of their birthdays is tallying up the donations and sending the gift to MAF. The sisters have future plans to distribute MAF posters to their school and veterinarian’s office to help educate others about the organization.

“We are truly grateful for Morris Animal Foundation and the work they do,” said the girls’ mother, Sandy. “Pets are members of families, and no one should have to say goodbye to a family member due to cancer. Research for humans and animals alike is important to help all live a long healthy life.”

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