Simple Gifts for Dog Lovers

New book gives creative dog lovers some quick and easy project ideas.

We’ve all experienced it – the desire to be known for one’s amazing presents, the one who bestows handmade, thoughtful gifts on friends and family, the one who can out-Martha Martha Stewart. But somehow, time slips away, we discover we’re not as crafty as we thought, and it’s just a whole lot easier to grab a pretty lotion-and-body-wash basket or popular CD and toss it in a gift bag.

But there’s hope, in the form of “Simple Gifts for Dog Lovers.” Author Catherine Tough studied knitted textiles at the Royal College of Art and now runs a successful knitwear company. Obviously, the woman is good with a pair of needles. Fortunately, her book is for the rest of us, who may not be so dexterous.

Tough includes 10 projects, which require knitting, crochet, or simple sewing. The back of the book contains helpful how-to guides with illustrations, and descriptions of various fabrics and materials.

Feeling chilly? Make yourself a Dachshund draft stopper or matching dog-and-owner scarves. Always losing your keys? Stitch together a simple key chain. Put it in your brand-new patchwork tote bag. Immortalize your canine companion in a self-made picture frame, and show him how much you love him by designing him his own soft dog bed and blanket. If that fails to warm his heart, try a cozy doggie sweater. You’ll be the envy of your dog-owning friends in no time.

“Simple Gifts for Dog lovers” goes on sale April 28.

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