Simon’s Cat Teaches ‘Sesame Street’s’ Elmo About Cats

Elmo learns all about how cats play from the cartoon kitty.

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Simon’s Cat demonstrates how cats play for Elmo.
Cari Jorgensen

When you want to learn things, you don’t go to professors or parents or Google. You go to “Sesame Street.” OK, you probably don’t go to “Sesame Street” unless you’re a toddler and your parents want you to learn about letters and numbers, so a representative from the Muppet-filled program is coming to us by way of Simon’s Cat.

Elmo visited the cartoon kitty recently and received a lesson on how cats play — the results of which were posted on Simon’s Cat YouTube page. Simon’s Cat is less explanatory than he is demonstrative in his lesson-giving.

Lesson No. 1: How Cats Play With A Ball

Given the mobility of said ball, the plaything is often lost under things. Like the couch.

Lesson No. 2: How Cats Play With Yarn

Yarn is a fun toy, but be careful. Nearby boxes are huge distractions… which brings us to the third lesson.

Lesson No. 3: How Cats Play With Boxes

Cats love boxes.

Lesson No. 4: How Cats Play Peek-A-Boo

Note: A box is required.

We’re pretty sure Elmo took what he learned back with him to share on “Sesame Street.”

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