Simon’s Cat: ‘I’m Not Going to the Vet and You Can’t Make Me!’

All cats have to go to the vet; Simon’s Cat is doing his best to avoid it.

Ah, kitties. None of them seem to like the trip to the veterinarian and their cat carrier seems to be the first clue that that’s exactly where they’re headed. This is usually the time when they run around the house, hide under beds, scratch the hell out the person trying to get them in the carrier and bite their humans so hard that a trip to the doctor comes before a trip to the veterinarian. They are the lucky who don’t have this experience. Simon is not one of those lucky few. His cat is not going to the vet and he does his best to not let Simon take him.

A fish on a plate on the kitchen table was likely placed there by Simon to entice his feisty kitty to the table so he could sneak him in the carrier. While that may have sounded like a good plan, it doesn’t work. Of course. As soon as Simon’s Cat hears the carrier door open, he is not having any of it, going so far as throwing vases, pepper shakers, utensils and even a bottle of ketchup at Simon.

Simon’s Cat behaves in true cat fashion, keeping his paws on the edges of the carrier opening so that Simon can’t get him in it. Simon resorts to putting a pillowcase over his cat to get him in the carrier, which is another effort that doesn’t work (Simon doesn’t realize it until later, though, with his cat hiding under a placemat). Silly human.

Likely thinking he’d gotten out of going to the dreaded vet, Simon’s cat plays with his kitten friend. Silly cat; no feline gets out of that visit. Simon is able to capture him using a net.

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