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Simon’s Cat Hunts A Toy Car In The Perfect Embodiment Of Our Own Cats

This animated kitty is all of our cats.

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Simon's Cat goes hunting when Simon gets a toy race car track.
Cari Jorgensen

Our cats are adorable and funny (and sometimes very catty). They lounge on our dashboards, they have hilarious reactions to toys and seeing them discover a mirror for the first time can by hysterically funny. Since we can’t film our cats 24/7 (even though we wish we could), British animator Simon Tofield did it for us — in adorably funny and highly accurate cartoon depictions.

In his latest, “Fast Track,” Tofield has Simon’s Cat discover a toy race track. At first Simon’s Cat couldn’t care less. I mean, what cat wouldn’t want to be sleeping on a chair instead? But then Simon’s Cat hears the noise of the toy car as it rounds the track. Curious, he hops off the chair to investigate, his head moving with the car in perfect cat form (you know you’ve seen your cat do this while watching the ceiling fan).

“If I just keep my eyes on it, I will capture it.” Via Simon's Cat/YouTube

“If I just keep my eyes on it, I will capture it.” Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

Simon’s Cat inevitably tries to catch it. He does, but Simon makes him let it go. That, of course, doesn’t stop Simon’s Cat from trying again. He’s on the hunt. He must get that toy car, which means Simon must playfully tease his cat with it. No judgment; we’ve all done this.

“Where’d it go?” Via Simon's Cat/YouTube

“Where’d it go?” Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

Simon’s Cat eventually goes nuts with the car, leaving Simon speechless… and Simon’s Cat is proud he’s captured his prey… just like our cats would.

"I got it!" Via Simon's Cat/YouTube

“I got it!” Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

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