‘Simon’s Cat’ Gives Love Another Try In Valentine’s Day Video

The fun-loving and comical feline has taken his romance skills to the next level.

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It’s feline romance at its best in new short from Simon’s Cat. Via YouTube

As people around the globe prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their special someone this Sunday, there is a burning question that crosses the minds of fans of felines everywhere:

“Do cats fall in love?”

Well, according to British animator Simon Tofield and animal expert Nicky Trevorrow, they do – it’s just a little different than humans.

The creator of Simon’s Cat films since 2008 has released a new video just in time for the romantic holiday that includes last year’s Valentine’s Day short film, “Butterflies.” The logic of real-life cat love is explained by Trevorrow, including advice about the importance of spaying and neutering your cat.

Did you know the female feline shows her interest in this interesting way. Via YouTube

Did you know the female feline shows her interest in this interesting way? Via YouTube

Then the short provides a humorous look at what happens when an animated cat attempts to win the love of Chloe. And yes, there is some Simon’s Cat logic there, too.

Tofield told InStyle.com that “Butterflies” is the sequel to 2014’s “Smitten.”

“I created ‘Smitten’ as a tribute to Chloe – she was a very fussy kitty, and I imagined her being the perfect love interest for Simon’s Cat,” Tofield told InStyle. “The contrast between the two characters had a lot of comedic potential.”

Reportedly, “Simon’s Cat” was originally inspired by Tofield’s 8-year-old British Shorthair,  Hugh. The cat’s humorous, and sometimes annoying, antics are ones to which most cat owners can relate. He also told the magazine that Chloe was inspired by the cartoonist’s first-ever Tortoiseshell cat that he rescued at age 11.

A box of butterflies? What queen kitty wouldn't love it? Via YouTube

A box of butterflies? What queen kitty wouldn’t love it? Via YouTube

In “Butterflies,” the cartoon kitty star presents Chloe with a gift, but unfortunately, his plan just doesn’t go down quite as he thought.

“I really enjoyed storyboarding ‘Butterflies’ and included a Romeo and Juliet reference to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” Tofield told InStyle.

See for yourself … check out the adorable and funny video of romancing the cat at its best.

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