Simon’s Cat Gets into the Holiday Spirit, Dog Ruins It

Our favorite animated cat tries to build a snow cat, but his idea gets pissed on.

One of the great winter traditions – if you live where it snows – is building a snowman. Small or large, they can be great fun to make, especially when you have to get creative when making the snowman’s features.

Simon’s Cat embraces this winter tradition and sets out to make a snow cat – one that looks suspiciously (or perhaps wonderfully) like Simon’s Cat himself. He finds the essentials to make the face, but steps back to look at it and realizes something’s missing. That’s when his dog friend comes by with a stick and graciously drops it in the snow for Simon’s Cat to pick up, break in half and use for his snow cat’s arms. Which is exactly what he does. The dog, of course, sees how awesome the snow cat looks and allows his jealousy of Simon’s Cat’s snow skills to get the best of him. He steals one of the stick arms when Simon’s Cat isn’t looking, and promptly pees all over the glorious snow cat, which melts and falls over. So rude.

Simon’s Cat is left under a fallen snow cat and the dog comes back to steal the other stick arm. We can only hope that Simon’s Cat perseveres and makes another one – minus the dog.

What did you think of Simon’s Cat’s snow cat before it fell?


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