Simon’s Cat Attacks The Red Dot Wherever It Lands So Be Careful

Laser toys are a blast and also pretty painful if the red dot lands on you.

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It seems like a harmless game and yet...

Do your cats like playing with the little red dot of a laser toy? Then you (and they, too) will relate to a new video by Simon’s Cat.

“Laser Toy” is the newest Simon’s Cat video and shows how a cat’s fervor can hurt, according to the clip on YouTube. In typical Simon’s Cat fashion, the cat channels all our kitties’ actions in a spot-on, funny animated short.

Simon's Cat: Dot Hunter.  Via  Simon's Cat/YouTube

Simon’s Cat: Dot Hunter. Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

We first see the little red dot only, dancing around a room while the cat chases it. Then, a person appears, giggling, at the cat’s antics.

But the laughter stops when the dot lands on a body part or two, where kitty’s claws dig in. That leads to buckling over and exposing some sensitive body parts to the claw.

It's all fun and games until the laser pointer lands on a sensitive spot.  Via  Simon's Cat/YouTube

It’s all fun and games until the laser pointer lands on a sensitive spot. Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

This could be a good warning film to all us cat people who flash the laser toy without fear of the consequences. From now on, laser-er beware.

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