Silver Shadown

Though reserved at first, the shimmery Russian Blue shows fierce devotion to its favorite people.

Imagine a party, hosted by feline breeds of all types. As the guests mingle, the personality traits of specific breeds become apparent. “A dear friend of mine who bred both Russian Blues and Abyssinians described it perfectly,” explains Dayle Marsh, a breeder from Chicago. “The Russian Blue is upstairs saying, ‘When are these people going home?’ while the Abyssinian is at the door taking coats and handing out drinks.”

Indeed, the Russian Blue generally is not known for having a particularly extroverted personality (such as that of the Abyssinian). Breeders describe the cat as sweet, loving and gentle — as well as intelligent, athletic and devoted. “They are extremely intelligent cats and smart enough to know to wait and check out a new person to ensure that he is not a danger,” says Teresa Keiger, a breeder from Greensboro, N.C., noting that once a guest has passed the initial screening, the cat will happily shower him or her with affection.

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