Sicce CO2 Life System Review

The new Sicce CO2 Life System is an excellent, simple-to-use method for adding carbon dioxide to a planted tank.

CO2 Life System

The Claims
Sicce claims that its new CO2 Life System will encourage luxurious and healthy growth of plants in an aquarium and that the pH can be maintained in the acidic range.
The Test
I ran the Sicce CO2 Life System on a 29-gallon planted tank with new plant substrate that I had been testing before installing the Sicce System. I used a fluorescent reflector with two 36-inch T5 HO lamps on for 10 hours a day. There were a variety of plants in the tank, including jungle val, dwarf sag, giant hygro, red hygro, water sprite, cabomba, moneywort and a few crypts. The livestock included a few tequila sunrise guppies, some honey gouramis, a school of large neons and a batch of different algae-eating shrimp. I ran the tank for 10 weeks using the Sicce CO2 Life System.

The Results
I was impressed with the growth of the plants with the addition of the Sicce CO2 Life System. The tank was already doing well during the test of the substrate, but the plants really took off with the added carbon dioxide. The pH was maintained within a range of 6.4 to 6.8, which was ideal; I also maintained a constant alkalinity in the tank.

The jungle val took off with new runners after a week or so. Both hygros had excellent color and strong growth. The water sprite started growing out of the tank, which I have found it will do only under ideal conditions. The dwarf sag, which had been holding its own before the Sicce CO2 Life System was added, took off like never before. Within a month or so, the dwarf sag completely carpeted the front of the tank. The growth of the plants mentioned was so vigorous that they choked out the cabomba and moneywort, both of which had been doing well without the CO2.

The Sicce CO2 Life System is an excellent way to add CO2 to a planted tank. With the Sicce CO2 Life System, all you have to do is put it in a corner of the tank and plug it in. You don’t have to mess with additives (I didn’t use any during this test period) or with external gas cylinders and valve setups. Hobbyists interested in improving their planted tanks should try this product.


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