Siberian City Wants Cat Mayor

Barnaul residents tired of elected officials’ nepotism and corruption are pushing for the political representation of an 18-month-old Scottish Fold cat named Barsik.

Residents of the Siberian City Barnaul are so fed up with the nepotism and corruption of their elected officials that they’re pushing for the political representation of an 18-month-old Scottish Fold named Barsik!

The feline, who currently stars on the front of a campaign billboard proclaiming “Only mice don’t vote for Barsik!”
has been thrust into the spotlight due to having beat a number of his human rivals in unofficial polls. The polls, conducted on the social media site Altai Online [], pitted Barsik against six human rivals, wherein he swept 91% of the 5,400 votes.

“People don’t know who to trust anymore,” local pensioner Yevgeny Kuznetsov told The Guardian. “They have come to the conclusion that they can’t trust the authorities.”

Located close to the Altai mountains; the city of Barnaul has found itself at the helm of one high-profile corruption case after another ranging from fraud and embezzlement to power abuse allegations. It’s an unfortunate series of events that has left the public outraged.

“Residents doubt their competence and professionalism,” said “Altai Farmer,” one of the poll’s administrators. “And they have a right to do so.”

Despite his numbers, the chances of Barsik taking up the position are slim to none – not because of his species, but due to the overall decision maker. The next Mayor will be appointed by the regional governor, Alexander Karlin, along with the city council – not the votes of the general public.

Regardless, citizens of Barnaul are still pulling for the feline, with one person commenting “By Barsik’s eyes I see he is concerned about the people.”

Do you think Barsik would make a good Mayor?

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