Siberian Citizens Want To Elect A Cat As Their Next Mayor

Barsik, an 18-month-old cat, is currently leading an unofficial poll with 91 percent of the vote.

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Barsik the cat is currently leading the polls. Via Max Seddon/Twitter

Residents of one Siberian city have become so disillusioned with their own human politicians that they want to elect a totally different species as their next mayor.

An 18-month old Scottish Fold cat named Barsik was included as part of an unofficial political poll run by a popular social media site — and he took an impressive 91 percent of the vote. Now the citizens of Barnaul are wondering if maybe that cat is the best choice after all.

“People don’t know who to trust any more,” retiree Yevgeny Kuznetsov told the The Telegraph. “They have come to the conclusion that they can’t trust the authorities.”

This video, posted by Igor Chervyakov, appears to show Barsik in action:

What started as a joke is actually being considered as a possibility by some of Barnaul’s 700,000 residents. The still-anonymous moderator of the site that seemingly launched Barsik’s political career says that the cat could become part of the city’s brand — and is still a viable candidate for the position.

“Barsik is planning to outline his position on the pressing political issues of our region,” the site’s moderator, who goes by the pseudonym Altai farmer, told International Business Times UK. “Besides, he can become part of the Barnaul brand. It could also boost the city’s tourism industry.”

A commission involving the regional governor and the city council will appoint a new leader next week, and it seems unlikely they will pick Barsik. Still, Altai farmer said the cat would not be giving up on his political ambitions, whether the citizens liked it or not. Huh. That sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

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