Showing an Afghan Hound

This large and athletic dog needs a physically fit handler to best present her.

Q. How do you go about finding a handler? I have a 10-month-old female Afghan Hound and was told to show her myself. However, I have some disabilities so I am not physically able to do this. I was hoping to find a new handler just starting out, but am not having much luck.

A. An Afghan is a large, fast, athletic dog so you need to find a physically fit handler who can present your girl to her best advantage.

Did you buy your puppy from a breeder, and if so, does she show her dogs? She might be the logical person to take your puppy in the ring or else recommend someone who could.

Despite their high-maintenance coats, most Afghans are shown by their breeders or owners rather than all-breed professional handlers. The most successful Afghan handlers tend to be Afghan breeders who’ve shown their own dogs over the years to top honors and have eventually expanded to show Afghans for clients. You’ll spot these handlers at large all-breed shows, Afghan specialty shows and in dog-magazine ads.

There are also some very talented junior handlers who show Afghans with energy and poise, and you may want to put your puppy in the hands of one of these teens. Check into local handling classes, all-breed kennel clubs and your regional Afghan Hound club for some names.

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