Showering Parrots

Ollie’s been joining me in our narrow shower stall ever since the back bathroom shower turned out to have some plumbing issues. This is a very narrow stall; and I hesitated at first in bringing him in there for the morning shower thinking that he’d find the quarters too cramped. Well, Ollie is a happy-hut bird, so of course this is now his favorite area of the house (to him, the cozier the better).

The tricky part is shampooing my hair because if I lean my head back, Ollie is likely to have a little cone of suds atop his head. The even trickier part is toweling off. This is when Ollie hops down on the towel and hangs on while I dry off. I like to call it surfing the terrycloth waves. Ollie is so happy with this new shower that I don’t think he’ll let me switch back to the much larger back shower once the plumbing is fixed.

On the other hand, Gracie, my ’tiel, doesn’t seem to care for this bathroom as much as the bigger one. I can’t blame him because this one doesn’t have the large medicine cabinet mirror. He has to make do with a smaller countertop cosmetic mirror. At least it has the magnified side to it so he can whistle to a giant ’tiel. If we ever get around to a total bathroom remodel, I suppose I’ll have to consult the flock and make the necessary accommodations so everyone is happy.

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