Show Off Your Dog’s Milk-Bone Moment

In honor of the brand’s 100th anniversary, Milk-Bone has launched a contest searching for the next SpokesDog.

A century ago, Milk-Bone brand dog biscuits were first introduced when a New York City baker began crafting the biscuits from his small Manhattan bakery. In honor of the brand’s 100th anniversary, the company has launched a nationwide search to find the Milk-Bone 100th Anniversary SpokesDog – an honor that comes with a $100,000 contract.

Contest organizers are searching for dogs and their owners who best demonstrate the meaning of a “Milk-Bone Moment,” which is defined as the irreplaceable, special times that dogs and their owners share. Examples include cuddling on the couch, taking a walk together, or receiving a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

The top 100 moments will be posted online, and website visitors will vote for the winner. All 100 finalists will win a digital camera. The grand-prize winning dog owner will receive a $100,000 contract for their pooch to serve as the official 100th anniversary SpokesDog.

“We understand the special and unique bond between a dog and his or her pet parent,” said Matthew Park, vice president of marketing for Del Monte Foods, parent company of the Milk-Bone brand. “We are launching the Make a Milk-Bone Moment contest as a way to celebrate 100 years of special, silly, heart-warming, and magical moments with our four-legged friends throughout the years.”

To enter, dog owners can upload either a photo or a video to the Milk-Bone website along with a short essay explaining why that moment is important. Entries will be accepted now through Sept. 18, 2008.

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