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I don’t need a computer, I said. I’m much more creative when I do my writing in longhand.

The infernal machine my staff insisted I have sat in the corner of my office gathering dust for close to a year. I did, however, eventually (but begrudgingly!) give up turning in my monthly editorial contributions in a form that more closely resembled something a chicken had accomplished while walking across the pages of a legal pad. I went the way of all flesh and started creating, or at least trying to be creative, on my trusty little laptop-size Mac.

That was some time in the late 80s. Today I don’t leave the house for anything more than a day without my trusty iMac, an integral part of my travel luggage. And the Internet who could live without it? It has me connected to the world, and I do mean the world.

I am continually amazed at the number of e-mailed messages I get from all over the world Bichon breeders in Australia and the U.K., Boxer exhibitors from as far off and exotic as New Delhi, and just the other day from a fellow who is breeding Dobes, would you believe, on the Greek isle of Crete all correspondence from dog lovers who have come across a book I’ve written or a piece published in some periodical that has found its way to some distant corner of the world.

The missives come from ardent dog lovers who feel they have connected with someone who might have an answer for their question, or perhaps from those who have the feeling they have come across a kindred soul with a similar outlook on our mad, mad world of dogs. Some of the letter writers are novices; others are veterans longtime breeders, exhibitors and judges. A good many of the latter are looking for effective ways to pass on knowledge they have gained through years of experience themselves.

One letter I would like to share came from a highly successful breeder and exhibitor of Bulldogs. The writer is a second-generation success story, in that his parents were highly respected for their contributions to their breed as well. The following is a quote in part from the individuals letter to me:

I have been mentoring a few people and writing articles for those in our breed in hopes of developing an ability to recognize and reward the really outstanding dog when one comes along. I find too many are concerned with the bits and pieces and just do not get it [the magical, elusive it!], and I fear they never will. A common enough issue, but as you know, still something that people have trouble absorbing.

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