Should I Let My Cat Sleep In My Bed?

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses the pros and cons on letting cats sleep on your bed.

Q: Should I allow my cat to sleep with me?

A: Many people enjoy sleeping with their cats and I am one of them. Having a cat lying next to you, and often stretched out across you, can give a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Not only do I have a few cats sharing space on the bed but my dog Ziggy likes to snuggle with his favorite cat Ethel. They are so cute together, I let them.

Once they all find their spots and snooze, it’s no easy task if I need to get up in the middle of the night. When I get back to bed I usually have lost my spot and wind up squeezing myself onto the edge, not wanting to disturb anyone. I don’t really mind, though. It’s nice to know my furry friends are safe, sound and sleeping comfortably.

This system works if your cat is ready for bed when you are and not racing around the house. For those kitties, you may try taking a nap earlier in the day with him so he doesn’t feel left out and then keep him out of the bedroom at night. If that is not possible, try making a bed or sleeping area just for him. Pick a nice corner of the room and put down a comfy blanket or pet bed. Make sure you’ve handled it so it has your scent on it. You could also try a cozy piece of fleece, which most cats love, or a small carpeted tree house.

If your kitty has an early morning alarm clock that says “breakfast time” and proceeds to knock things over, climb over your face, knead the blankets and generally make a lot of noise, you might try an automatic food dispenser, which is set to a timer. Most pet stores sell them.
I am sure you will work out a sleep system that is right for both of you and I wish sweet dreams to all. As always I welcome your stories and comments.

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