Should I Get a Löwchen Dog?

A lively and affectionate dog breed, the Löwchen makes a great companion dog and family pet.

With his alert, outgoing, affectionate and inquisitive personality, the Löwchen makes a delightful pet dog. Friendly by nature, Löwchens are a well-balanced and active dog breed, though they are certainly not as hyperactive as many other dog breeds. The Löwchen is a fairly long-lived dog breed and can often reach 15 years of age or more.

Löwchens seem to be very happy with their lives and love to meet new people and dogs, whatever their size! According to the dog breed standard, the Löwchen is not only cheerful, happy and lively but also intelligent and affectionate. This breed should certainly show no sign of aggression.

Time must be dedicated to grooming  and grooming your Löwchen should be carried out every day to some extent. Whether caring for your dog’s coat in the lion trim, in keeping with centuries of tradition, in a natural state or in a puppy trim, the Löwchen ‘s coat will need some looking after.

The Löwchen’s size makes him eminently suitable for life in a city, although of course they can also enjoy a more rural life when given the opportunity. Usually Löwchens are admirably suited to family life and get along with all members of the household. As this dog breed does not shed its coat, Löwchens often make good pet dog for families in which there are sufferers of asthma.

Most Löwchens thoroughly enjoy playing with young children, provided that parents have trained their children to treat dogs gently, being neither rough nor aggressive. It must, though, be understood that young children should always be supervised when in the company of dogs so that accidents do not happen, however unintentional they might be.

Most Löwchens do well with other pets, though it depends on the personality of the other pet. Some older dogs or cats may not take readily to newcomers to the household, although others accept them well. Carefully supervise all introductions between your Löwchen and other pets to ensure the safety of your dog. When a Löwchen does find another dog or cat friend, usually the relationship is lasting and sincere. 

Some Löwchens share their family homes with large dogs, and this usually appears to result in happy relationships. Many Löwchen owners say that their dogs simply do not realize that they are meant to be pampered pet dogs; instead, Löwchens like to join in the lifestyles and activities of their much larger dog friends.

One example is an obedience-trained dog who took readily to penning domesticated goats with apparently no effort at all. He had carefully watched his dog friend, the family Border Collie, doing the same and thought he would follow his example—with admirable results!


Excerpt from Löwchen, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Löwchen here.

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