Should I Bathe My Cockatiel A Lot?

Find out if cockatiels need more baths than other pet birds.

Cockatiels bathe in the wild arid scrub bush of Australia whenever there is opportunity for a rain storm, and they’ll spread their wings wide to catch every precious drop. In our homes where cockatiels are raised, owners can give them more frequent baths. As a general rule, about once a week or every two weeks is all you need to do. Use a clean atomizer reserved only for this purpose and fill it with clean, warm water. Spray a light mist up in the air so that it gently falls down upon your cockatiel.  As your cockatiel gets used to baths, it will start to enjoy them more and more.

In colder months, cut bathing back significantly or wait until it is warmer. Spraying and bathing activities helps to keep powder-down, dander and dust to a minimum. This is especially helpful with housekeeping and also will be healthier for you and the air you breathe.

Watch Mr. Whistley and Buddhabird take a bath by Pam K.

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