Should A Cat’s Nose Be Wet Or Dry?

CatChannel veterinary expert, Arnold Plotnick, DVM, says the notion that a cat's nose must be wet is not entirely accurate.

Wet? Dry? Look for changes to the normal condition of your cat's nose. Via Michael Blann/Thinkstock


Is a cat’s nose supposed to be wet or dry? If it’s dry could something be wrong with my cat?


This notion that the nose of a cat or dog always should be wet is a bit overblown. Yes, the average cat or dog has a moist nose, but this is not an important indicator of a pet’s general health by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve seen many perfectly healthy cats that just happen to have a dry nose.

You would think that a cat suffering from dehydration would have a dry nose and that a dry nose would be an important sign to look out for. However, I’ve treated cats with severe dehydration whose noses were as moist as can be.

So don’t worry about the moistness of your cat’s nose. If, however, your cat’s nose has experienced a sudden change in the degree of wetness, and is accompanied by other clinical signs (decreased appetite, excessive thirst or urination, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, etc.), I would have the cat evaluated by a veterinarian.

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