Shortest Cat in the World

Guinness Book of World Records names Cye the world's shortest living domestic cat.

A 3-year-old Munchkin cat, Cye, has just been deemed the world’s shortest cat by the Guinness Book of World Records. Cye’s height is a tiny 5.35 inches from floor to shoulders, 2.2 centimeters shorter than the former world record holder.

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Owner Sarah Langille, of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, has bred munchkin cats for five years, according to the Waterloo Region Record. Munchkins have shorter legs but are a regular-size cat in every other way. The body is 40% longer than its legs are tall, so it’s no surprise that a Munchkin cat is the record holder.

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Langille bred Cye without intending to set a record; she usually breeds only a few cats a year. One of Langille’s friends mentioned Cye was the shortest cat he’d ever seen, so Langille contacted Guinness World Records office to see exactly how her cat stacked up to other short kitties. Next, she made a video of the munchkin, and had her measured three different times by a veterinarian, using a specially ordered tool.

“He thinks he’s a person,” Langille says, when Cye sits upright. He also has a damaged eye, which he’s had since he was a kitten, but that doesn’t keep him out of trouble; Cye can still jump up to 8 feet.

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