Shortest Cat in the World?

A Munchkin cat named Pixel reaches only 5 inches in height.

Although yet to be confirmed by Guinness, Tiffani Kjeldergaard is positive Pixel, her Munchkin cat, is no taller than 5 inches. If so, she’ll beat the World Record title-holder, a Canadian 5.35-inch-tall Napoleon Munchkin named Cye.

To put this in perspective, the average height of a domestic cat is 9 or 10 inches. The measurement is taken from Pixel’s paw to her shoulder, the standard way of measuring for a Guinness World Record.

Pixel may have a small frame, but her personality well makes up for it. If she’s not receiving attention at all times, she gets a little bit fussy.

Fizz Girl, Pixel’s mother, set the world record for the shortest cat in 2012. She was 6 inches tall.

Kjeldergaard is a breeder of Munchkin cats. Munchkins are a good breed for families; they like to play and have a lot of fun. In fact, they’re more affectionate with people than most other domestic breeds. The body of a Munchkin is about 40 % longer than his or her legs are tall. The breed is fairly new, and was only recently recognized by The International Cat Association in 1995. There are some criticisms about the breed because of potential health issues.

“People who don’t understand the achondroplasia gene consider it a genetic defect or a mutation or something that’s an abomination,” Kjeldergaard says. “That’s very unfair for them to say that. It’s natural for these cats to be this tall, just like it’s natural for some people to have brown eyes; it wouldn’t be wrong for them to have blue eyes. It’s their build, and it’s natural for them to be built this way.”

Although Kjeldergaard’s Munchkins are perfectly natural and healthy, there are still other things to watch out for after adopting one. “You can’t leave doors open. You can’t let refrigerators close too quickly because somebody might have snuck [sic] up on the bottom of the door and stuck their head in there.” The Kjeldergaard family moves slowly when they walk so they don’t kick or step on anybody.

About her family of Munchkins that people go crazy for, Kjeldergaard says, “Even people that aren’t cat people go crazy for them. They say how cute they are and how they want to take them straight home with them.”

Have you considered submitting your cat’s measurements into Guinness? How do you feel about folks competing for smaller and smaller breeds?

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