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Filmmaker Celebrates His Late Dog With Incredibly Moving Tribute

Ben Moon produced a short film about his late dog Denali in what is possibly the most beautiful tribute ever.

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This love is eternal.

Dogs and humans share a special bond that can sometimes be so strong the label “man’s best friend” doesn’t even scratch the surface of its depth.

In a short film posted to Vimeo by Felt Soul Media, photographer Ben Moon beautifully illustrates this powerful bond by showcasing the loving friendship he had with his dog, Denali. Directed and narrated by Ben Knight, the film is seen through Denali’s point of view. Denali talks about his long and happy life with his owner and all the obstacles they faced as a team.

Denali is a wee pup. Via Vimeo

Denali as a wee pup. Via Vimeo

Denali even recounts the time when Moon was diagnosed with cancer (stage 3+ colocteral cancer, as reported by The Daily Beast) and how he stayed by his owner’s side throughout treatment.

In sickness and in health. Via Vimeo

In sickness and in health. Via Vimeo

The most beautiful and heartbreaking part is when you realize that the narration is giving you a look into Denali’s final days and the night he passed away. He talks about wanting to be strong for Moon in his final week, “just like he was when things were going really bad.” And how his last night was really peaceful.

“I wasn’t hungry anymore, so I let Ben know it was time,” Denali says. “He let me sleep on his chest all night.”

A full and happy life indeed. Via Vimeo

A full and happy life indeed. Via Vimeo

Those spoken words played against actual footage of Denali running along a sandy beach up to Ben hits you square in the gut, but it also paints a humane and peaceful picture of a dog who was loved and cared for during his 14 years on this Earth. It’s how we, as pet owners, all want our pets to leave us, because we know their lifespans are unfortunately much shorter than our own.

RIP, Denali. Via Vimeo

RIP, Denali. Via Vimeo

Denali passed away in 2014, and through Moon’s artistic vision and vivid memories of his dear four-legged friend, Denali’s spirit can now live on through this exquisite tribute.

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