Shirtless Russian (à la Putin) Saves Dog From Frozen Pond

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The poor dog clings to life on the edge of a frozen pond.
John Virata

What is up with shirtless Russians? Did Vladimir Putin start a trend when he rode a horse without a shirt? The latest example of Russian machismo comes by way of Russian YouTuber Alexander Levashov, who uploaded a video of a dog that couldn’t get out of a pond that had previously been frozen over. The poor dog was hanging by his paws when his savior, a shirtless Russian, came to the dog’s rescue.

The shirtless Russian waddles across the ice and then gets down on his stomach as he tries to coax the dog out of the pond. But the dog, obviously in distress, would have none of the shirtless Russian’s overtures and started to bark at him, and eventually bit him on the hand.

This man saved a dog who was stuck in a frozen pond. Via Alexander LevashovYouTube

This man saved a dog who was stuck in a frozen pond. Via Alexander Levashov/YouTube

Bystanders were yelling what appeared to be all kinds of advice as the shirtless Russian attempted again to rescue the dog.

The shirtless Russian then gets on his knees and with one hand distracting the dog, grabs the dog by the neck with the other hand and pulls the dog out, sliding the dog across the ice and then letting the lucky dog go. The dog walks toward the camera as the shirtless Russian cleans his hand with some snow. lifts up his trousers to hide his underpants, and jogs on over toward the camera operator.

The dog didn’t stick around and the shirtless Russian? Well he did his good deed of the day, shirtless of course.

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