Sheriff Adopts The Dog He Rescued From Texas Floodwaters

The dog was just minutes away from drowning when the sheriff and a news crew rescued her.

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Archer has found a loving home with the sheriff who rescued her. Via Sheriff Troy E. Nehls/Facebook
John Virata

Remember the dog who last month was found chained to the porch, up to her neck in water, and then rescued as floodwaters devastated much of Fort Bend County in Texas? Well, she has been adopted by the Texas sheriff who spent days maintaining order and rescuing stranded animals during those trying times, including her.

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office announced on his Facebook page that he and his family have adopted the dog, named Archer, from the Houston Humane Society. The Houston Humane Society, which took the dog in following the rescue, also made the announcement on its Facebook Page.

Archer was found last month chained to her doghouse on a house porch with floodwaters up to her neck. She was minutes away from drowning when she was rescued by KPRC2 TV’s Phil Archer and photographer Jeovany Luna, along with Nehls.

Sheriff Nehls definitely has a soft spot for animals, especially dogs, and adopting Archer is testament to that. In addition to saving a dog while on a tour of duty in Iraq, he also helped a woman named Jennifer Wells find her dog a decade ago. Wells posted the following on the Houston Humane Society’s Facebook page:

The accolades keep coming on to the sheriff’s Facebook page, not only because the sheriff rescued and then adopted Archer, but also for all the work he and his department did during the floods, rescuing other animals as well. Archer has found her forever home with the sheriff, his wife, four daughters and two other dogs.

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