Shelter Staff Cry Tears Of Joy After 15-Year-Old Cat Finally Gets Adopted

Muffy gets to live out her golden years in comfort and surrounded by a family who loves her.

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Muffy had been the shelter's longest feline resident. Via Fayette Friends of Animals/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Senior pets often have a harder time finding homes. Such was the case for Muffy.

The 15-year-old-cat came to Fayette Friends of Animals in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, five years ago, and although she was a social and sweet kitty, no one wanted to adopt her. Until a woman named Scarlett Wable came along.

Wable was at the shelter dropping off donations with her children when she first spotted Muffy, The Dodo reports.

Posted by Fayette Friends of Animals on Thursday, March 30, 2017

“Staff were concerned she would never be adopted, as she is a senior cat, missing teeth, with a cut ear and looked quite stiff when she moved about,” Wable told The Dodo. “She wasn’t the crowd favorite for visitors, but the staff obviously had a soft spot for her. They verbalized their fear of her living the rest of her days without a family to love.”

Meet Muffy!! She is our longest kitty resident. Muffy is in her upper teenage years. She doesn’t mind the company of…

Posted by Fayette Friends of Animals on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wable pet Muffy for a while but was not in the market for a new cat — she already had seven cats and one dog at home. A few months later she saw Muffy again when she returned to the shelter to pick up volunteer applications. Muffy must’ve made an impression, because that night she and her family decided to make the senior cat a part of their family.

When Wable and her son went back to the shelter to start the adoption process, Muffy, who had been at the shelter longer than the rest of the cats there, seemed to know they were back for her.

A lady with a super caring heart knew about our Muffy. Muffy is our oldest fur baby, around 15 years young, and has…

Posted by Fayette Friends of Animals on Friday, July 14, 2017

“I spotted her on top of a cage,” Wable said. “Muffy stretched, and reached out her paw as if to say, ‘I’ve been waiting on you.’”

The day Wable and her family brought Muffy home, shelter staff cried tears of joy. They even waived Muffy’s adoption fee.

“Everyone who knew her well there over the past nearly five years loved her, and were moved to tears knowing she would live out the rest of her days with her very own family,” Wable said.

It took many years, but Muffy finally found her forever family.

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