Here’s How You Can Help Keep A Shelter Pet Warm This Winter

You know those old sweaters you haven't worn in years? Give them to a shelter dog this winter!

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Those sweaters in the back of your closet could keep these pups warm. Via Washington County, TN Animal Shelter/Facebook

Dogs need clothes this winter.

Yep, that’s right. You may think dressing up dogs in clothes is just something silly some pet owners do, but you’d be wrong.

Shelters all over the country would LOVE your old sweaters in order to keep rescue pups warm during the chilly days and nights. The Washington County, TN Animal Shelter is one of those sweater-seeking shelters, The Dodo reports.

Lucy (our name) is a stray, spayed poodle. Due her multiple health issues, she has been pulled by the WCHS. Please contact for adoption options.

Posted by Washington County, TN Animal Shelter on Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Washington County Shelter typically has about 100 dogs at any given time, so it takes a lot to keep them all warm.

“We have doggy doors that lead to our outdoor cages,” one staffer told The Dodo. “Those are left open during the day, which lets the cold air in.”

It’s not just small dogs who need outerwear, either — it’s big dogs, too! Here are some helpful instructions on how to upcycle your sweaters into dog sweaters.

Be sure to contact your local shelter to see what they might need.

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