Shelter Dogs Paint Masterpieces With Just A Colorful Shake Of Their Fur

All it takes is some pet-friendly wet paint and the full-body shake of a shelter dog's fur to create these beautiful works of art.

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This is the most colorful moment ever captured.
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes you can’t fully appreciate the unique beauty of something until paint is poured all over it and then immediately shaken off onto sections of canvas.

That’s what happened when shelter dogs were given the chance to show the world their true and lovable selves through art. Canismo is a fascinating creative movement that turns shelter dogs into artists by dousing them with edible and pet-friendly paint (a combination of corn starch and food coloring) and allowing them to shake those paint spatters onto clean canvases to later be sold.

This is the most colorful moment ever captured.

Shake it off. Via Canismo

A slow-motion video of the process was posted to YouTube this week. In the video, paint is poured onto the “artists,” who then do the wet-dog dance, shaking the paint off onto nearby canvases.

Each dog received an individual set of colors, according to the YouTube description, making their art just as wonderfully unique as they are.

“The ink shaken reveals a remarkable exercise of freedom where every drop bears the stain of prejudice,” the online description reads. “The combination of different colors in the paintings reveals the mixture of races, so random, and as beautiful, as each canine pooch.”

A sample of one artist's work. Via Canismo

A sample of one artist’s work. Via Canismo

The project, which is based in Brazil, aims to “help with the support and adoption of sheltered animals,” according to its website. People are encouraged to adopt one of the country’s homeless dogs or make a monetary donation, which will contribute to the cost of their care until they find forever homes.

Famous artists in the making. Via YouTube

Famous artists in the making. Via YouTube

The use of art to highlight the individuality of each available dog is a brilliant way to remind the world that there are so many dogs out there who are patiently awaiting loving humans to make them part of their families. Every single one of them can offer endless joy and comfort — and now, surprisingly, artsy home decor.

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