Sharknado 2 Tops Sharknado With Close To 4 Million Viewers

Campy sucky B movie breathes life into the careers of a few terrible actors.

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Sharknado2: The Second One stars Ian Zierling and a bunch of flying air breathing sharks. Screengrab by SyFy
John Virata

Sharknado 2: The Second One, which breathed a few hours of life into the careers of actors Tara Reid and Ian Zeirling, opened on the SyFy Channel with close to 4 million views, (3.9 million) nearly tripling the 1.4 million views during its opening last July.

According to AdAge, Sharknado 2: The Second One was tweeted 581,000 times by 188,000 unique tweeters that were seen by 5.5 million people. Not bad for a campy, sucky, movie that further maligns one of the most misunderstood fish in the ocean.

The made for cable movie was helped out by a massive mako marketing machine that the network called a Category 5 marketing storm, making reference to the worse possible hurricane that can be measured.

While the film doesn’t do as much PR damage to sharks as the godfather of all shark movies, Jaws, it does its fair share of maligning sharks in the eyes of popular culture as mindless eating machines that can survive out of water for long periods of time, and can even hurtle through the air with their jaws yapping!

While I haven’t seen Sharknado 2: The Second One, I will watch it when it comes on Netflix, because I don’t have cable TV and won’t rent it at a RedBox.

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