Shark Week Cats

These cats are psyched for Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

Nobody wants to miss Shark Week. Even cats who often mask their enthusiasm for something are super pumped for all the week has to offer. Here’s photographic proof, along with six similarities between sharks and cats.

1. Sharks play it cool.

2. Sharks stalk their prey and hunt alone.

3. Sharks have a tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer in the eye, that helps them see in the dark.

It’s shark week!!! #sharkweek #sharkcat #hewantstoclawmyeyesout #catsofinstagram

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4. Sharks are crepuscular, meaning they hunt at dawn and dusk; that’s when they can blend in better with their surroundings. 

5. Sharks come in lots of different colors.

6. Sharks have sensory hairs, like cat whiskers, that detect changes in the area around them.

This video has nothing to do with that but must be included in any list of cats and sharks. Enjoy.

Will you watch Shark Week with your cat?

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