Share Table Foods With Rats

Find out how to safely share table foods with a pet rat.

Rats should not be given food containing too much protein or fat. However, you may feed dry, high protein foods, such as puppy or cat food, for the first 10 weeks of life to aid young rats in their initial growth period, especially if they come from a very large litter.  Thereafter, puppy food and wet cat food should be avoided. Don’t give your rat anything containing processed sugar or caffeine.

Avoid the following foods in your rat’s diet because they contain ingredients that are unhealthy for your pet:

  • Peanuts and raw, dry beans
  • Green potato skin and eyes because they contain solanine, a toxin.
  • Wild insects because they may carry internal parasites and diseases that will harm your rat.
  • Raw sweet potatoes
  • Green bananas
  • Orange juice because it’s high in sugar and acidity.
  • Dairy products
  • Raw eggs
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