Sexing An African Grey

There are better visual indicators than its eyes to use to sex an African grey parrot.

Q:  Can you really tell the sex of an African grey by just looking at its eyes?

Jean Pattison explains sexing an African greyJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

The short answer is no. There might be some instances where the majority of African greys have similar eyes depending on sex, but the variable is too great to use eyes as an indication of sex. There are other visual indicators that can be used. To see, click here.

The indicators above have been shown, with many examples, being much less variable than just using the eye alone. The eye used in conjunction with the other indicators, and an experienced observer’s eye, can usually indicate the sex of an African grey with about 95-percent accuracy. Although I never have any of my African greys sexed when setting them up for breeding, I always have any African greys I sell DNA-sexed if the buyer is requesting a certain sex. If one needs or wants to know the sex of their bird, DNA sexing is the way to go.


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