‘Sex and the City’ Dog Steals the Spotlight

The Yorkshire Terrier’s special talent won her the coveted role in the much-hyped film.

Gidget is used to stealing the spotlight. But the Yorkshire Terrier, who plays a supporting role in the much-hyped “Sex and the City” movie as Samantha’s (Kim Cattrall) dog Baby, gets some of the film’s biggest laughs for, er, her special humping ability.

“She was very sweet and incredibly over-prepared for her role,” Cattrall told the Baltimore Sun. “I particularly loved it when we had matching outfits. It’s tough working with animals because sometimes they’ll do it and sometimes they won’t. But she was very well-trained.”

Michael Patrick King, the film’s writer-director, said it wasn’t easy to find a dog who could perform Gidget’s special talent on cue. “That was written, then we had to go out and find it. And we got a real winner,” King told New York magazine.

Gidget, who is owned by former music executive Mary Gormley, lived up to her diva reputation on the film’s set. “The dog would hump best in the morning, and at one point Kim said, ‘I get it — we have to do the dog’s humping first,’” King recalls.

To learn more about Gidget, read her blog at http://gidgetgormley.com

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