Severely Matted Cat Gets Help from Kind Strangers

Shrek looked like "a live ball of dreadlocks with big eyes” until caring people trimmed this poor Persian cat.

A Persian cat in Auckland City, New Zealand, is resting slightly more comfortably today after undergoing treatment for maggots in his face, and receiving a three-hour haircut by a kind-hearted veterinarian.

The cat, dubbed Shrek, was discovered Saturday afternoon on the Whangaparaoa property belonging to Megan Moss, who described Shrek as “just a live ball of dreadlocks with big eyes.” Moss promptly brought Shrek to Dr. Brett Finlayson of Orewa Vet Hospital, who evaluated the cat, noting that he was a neutered male of six or seven years; and adding that the cat was in the worst condition he’d ever seen.

“He must’ve been living wild or something because there was a huge amount of matting on there,” Dr. Finlayson told Stuff about the cat with the overgrown fur.

On Sunday morning, Dr. Finlayson anesthetized Shrek, then proceeded to spend three hours shaving away all of the matted fur, before treating his maggot-infested face with iodine, followed by antibiotics and pain relief. Despite the ordeal, Shrek emerged from the anesthetic well, showing no signs of aggression.

Dr. Finlayson believes that Shrek must have been living wild for six to nine months, and will be unsure as to what the long-term prognosis for the cat is until later this week. In the meantime, non-profit rescue Gutter Kitties has been raising funds to pay for Shrek’s treatment. The organization hopes to find Shrek a foster home once he is fully recovered.

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