Seven Grooming Must-Haves

Before you begin a grooming session with your cat, make sure you have these tools on hand.

1. Wire-tooth combs work best for getting dead hair off of a cat and for thinning out a cat’s undercoat. Wide teeth dig into longer fur and pull out mats and tangles. Fine teeth help get rid of fleas.

2. Nail clippers blunt a cat’s nails and keep them from growing into the paw pad. Avoid using human nail clippers on cat’s claws because they may cut them improperly and injure the cat.

3. Brushes effectively remove excess hair and fluff a longhaired cat’s coat. Pin brushes work well by allowing more air into the coat and giving a better fluff. Slicker brushes have soft bristles for light brushing, such as for shorthaired cats.

 Hypoallergenic, odor-free baby wipes will clean a cat’s rear area, especially for cats that cannot clean that area thoroughly themselves.

 Cotton balls and a cat-specific ear-cleaning solution will keep a cat’s ears clean and healthy. Avoid using cotton swabs so as not to injure the cat.

 Eye wipes are premoistened sheets for cleaning the cat’s eye area.

Finger brushes, pet toothbrushes and pet toothpaste aid in teeth care. Introducing brushing at a young age and using a hard, quality cat food will keep teeth at their best.

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