Service Dog Who Jumped in Front of Bus to Save Human is Reunited with Her

Audrey Stone and Figo underwent surgery and months of recovery after the accident.



Last June, Figo, a guide dog, carried out the ultimate act when he put himself in between a bus and his legally blind human, Audrey Stone, to save her. Both were struck, with Figo sustaining injuries to his leg and Stone suffering multiple fractures in her ribs, ankle and elbow. After six-and-a-half months, they are finally reunited.

Figo’s heroism led to “cards, calls and dog toys from as far away as England,” CBS News reports. The ASPCA is also honoring Figo with the Dog of the Year award.

“Basically, he would have died for me, doing what he did,” Stone told CBS News. Throughout her own recovery, Stone has been given 8-by-10 photos of Figo’s recovery. Figo underwent care at Middlebranch Veterinary, thanks to donors who paid for his care.

The dog, who is 8 years old, is Stone’s third guide dog and one that offers her companionship and a reason to talk to people. “It gets me out more,” she told CBS News. Figo is from the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, and was trained to avoid oncoming traffic, but to also protect his human. Before the two were reunited, he was placed back in the organization’s care to ensure the incident didn’t make him fearful or distracted. He was even taken to the scene of the accident to see how he’d react. No issues were seen, CBS News reports.

Figo and Stone are back together, taking their walks in their neighborhood.

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