Serena Williams’ Dog Allegedly Bites Security Guard

Tennis star denies ownership of the dog.

Serena Williams’ 5-year-old Pit Bull allegedly bit a security guard outside her home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., last week.

Security guard Michael Norton responded to a report Friday of a Pit Bull and a Poodle on the loose in Palm Beach Gardens. According to the police report, Norton says the Poodle approached him as he was getting out of his vehicle. Then, according to Norton, the Pit Bull ran toward him and began barking as if to protect the Poodle. The Pit Bull then bit Norton in the left rear buttocks, but did not puncture the skin because his wallet was in his back pocket.

Williams told police she didn’t own the collarless dog but was watching it for a friend. The Poodle was wearing a collar that connected it to Williams.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control assistant director Dennis Yeskey told The Palm Beach Post that the Pit Bull is registered to Williams. Williams’ website shows photographs of her pets, including two of a tan Pit Bull named Bambi.

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