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Hundreds Of Homeless Dogs Run Free And Play Together At Serbia Dog Sanctuary

A place where homeless dogs can run free and play all day long actually exists, and it's in Serbia.

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This is officially the most magical place on Earth.

Imagine a place where homeless dogs are cared for, where they can run free and where they’re safe from the terrible lives they once had. This place exists, and it’s in Serbia.

A video uploaded to YouTube by the Harmony Fund, shows 450 dogs running around and having an absolute blast at the Sasa Pejčić’s shelter in Nis, Serbia.

They are finally getting the life they deserve. Via YouTube

They are finally getting the life they deserve. Via Harmony Fund/YouTube

Instead of being cooped up in kennels, the dogs get to play all day with each other and the volunteers. For many of them, it’s the first time these dogs experience what it’s like to be treated with kindness, according to the video’s description.

A little help will go a long way. Via YouTube

A little help will go a long way. Via Harmony Fund/YouTube

The sanctuary is funded by the Harmony Fund, and relies heavily on donations and volunteers. As you can imagine, providing food and shelter for hundreds of dogs isn’t cheap.

For more information, or to make a donation, check out the Harmony Fund and help keep these dogs safe and warm.

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