September 2012 DOG FANCY

Mutt's Rule! Issue. See who won the first ever DOG FANCY cover featuring a mixed breed dog.

DOG FANCY Mutts Rule Cover

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Cover Story: Mixed Breed Cover Contest

With a face like this, what’s not to love? For our September Mutts Rule! issue, we asked you, our readers, to choose which of four mixed-breed dogs should be featured on our cover, and the winner is… Read More>>

By Ernie Slone


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Dog Fancy

Sept 2012 Issue Features

Page 28

Mutt Myths

How well-versed are you in the mythology of the lovable mixed breed?

By Cherie Langlois

Page 32

Dogs Around the Bend

Residents of the winning Orefon city work, dine and stay fit with their dogs. 

By Lynn Hayner

Read the Article>>

Page 38

Stem Cell Therapy

Growing in populartiy, this treatment for arthritis and other ailments stirs both hope and debate.

By Phil Zeltzman, D.V.M

Page 46

Lean on Me

Loyal and loving, the beautiful Leonberger longs to be close to his family.

By Cherie Langlois

Page 50


The courageous and driven Pointer excels in the field and makes an affable at-home companion;

By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Page 52


The Norwhich Terrier relishes rodent hunting and spending time with people.

By Lynn M. Hayner

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