Sensorex PH-1 Turns your iPhone Into a PH Meter

Device enables you to measure pH in your aquarium.

Sensorex PH-1 is a portable pH meter that plugs into an iPhone, iPod or iPad, effectively turning those devices into a pH meter that you can use to test the pH of your aquarium. The device measures and records pH values (0-14 pH) using a pH electrode that attaches to the dock of the aforementioned Apple devices.

According to the company, the Sensorex PH-1 is accurate to .01 pH. It displays pH, millivolts, ambient temperature and solution temperature in real time, the company said. You can create up to three calibration points, and the data the device records can then be sent via email for analysis.

The PH-1 is powered by the iPhone, iPad, and iPod so no other power is required. For more information visit

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