Tropical Fish That Are Sensitive To Copper And Other Aquarium Chemicals

Bonus content from the September 2010 AFI magazine article Dealing With Water Hazards.

Corydoras Aeneus. Photo by Al Castro

The following animals are sensitive to copper and other chemicals. If you have to treat for disease and have any of these species in your tank, use a medication without copper. It is very easy, for freshwater aquariums especially, to find medications available that do not contain any copper. If you are going to add a sensitive animal to a tank that has been previously treated with dangerous medications, do large water changes and use carbon in your filter to get rid of as much of the chemicals as possible, so that your aquarium is safe for your new addition. Try to never use copper in a marine aquarium because it can be very difficult to get out of the aquarium once it has been used. The copper may stay in the aquarium indefinitely, so it may never be safe for invertebrates.

Corydoras spp.

– Elephantnoses
– Baby whales

Scaleless fish
– Loaches, such as yoyo and clown loaches

Freshwater invertebrates
– Shrimp
– Snails
– Crayfish

Saltwater invertebrates
– Corals
– Crabs
– Shrimp
– Snails

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