Senior Rescue Dog Gets New Life Complete With Hundreds Of New Toys

JoJo had a hard start to life but at the ripe old age of 10 he finally has a loving family — and lots of toys to play with!

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JoJo sleeps with his toys
JoJo has more toys than he knows what to do with these days. Via Kevin J. Karcher/The Dodo
Stephanie Brown

A senior dog who spent most of his life in a cage with no creature comforts is now being spoiled rotten with all the toys he could ever want, and he absolutely deserves it.

When JoJo was a puppy, his then-owners cut off his ears and dumped him at a rural facility for dogs, The Dodo reports. He lived in a cage in a windowless warehouse for eight years, according to Nicole Bruck, founder of Animals R Family, a dog and cat rescue based in Connecticut.

“There was no water in his cage, no blanket, no towel, nothing … just the hard ground,” Bruck told The Dodo.


JoJo was rescued from a life of neglect by Animals R Family when he was 9 years old. Via Susie’s Senior Dogs/The Dodo

JoJo was rescued from the facility by Animals R Family at the age of 9. In December 2016 he was taken to an adoption event in New York where he met the two people who would become his new family: Kevin and Leann Karcher.

“We wanted to pack as much life and affection into JoJo’s remaining years as possible,” Kevin told The Dodo.

But first JoJo had to finish undergoing medical treatment for health issues he suffered as a result of years of neglect. Finally at the age of 10, JoJo was adopted. Now he lives like a king and has literally hundreds of toys to play with.

JoJo with toys

All the toys! Via Kevin J. Karcher/The Dodo

“JoJo takes the toys from where they are stored and carries them one-by-one to his bed,” Bruck said. “He snores contently next to his loot.”

Despite all of the years he spent cooped up in a cage, JoJo’s still a happy, loving dog.

“JoJo has quickly made up for lost time,” Kevin said. “He loves to play with his toys while laying in the grass and will only sit still for hours if you scratch his belly.”

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