Senior Ferret Starts Missing Litter Box

Why would an older ferret suddenly start missing the litter box?

Q: My ferret is 9 years old and has always been good about using the litter box. A couple of months ago she started pottying all over her cage. I keep it very clean. Why do you think she’s doing this?
A: That is quite old for a ferret, and she can probably be excused for not using her litter box. Much like people and other animals, ferrets lose some control over their elimination habits. This could be due to advanced age, it could be she is having trouble making it in time, or it even could be that she is having trouble getting into the litter box. Try to make it as easy for her as possible by adding some boxes and making sure they have a low entrance.

Also, take her to your ferret-knowledgeable-veterinarian for a checkup, just to be certain a medical condition isn’t the cause of the problem.

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