Senior Dogs Channel Golden Girls in New Video

In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, these senior dogs are showing people just how great they are.

Golden Dogs


The ASPCA has named November Adopt a Senior Pet Month to show people just how great these older dogs and cats can be. All too often they’re overlooked in favor of younger dogs (especially puppies). To help raise awareness for the cause, four senior dogs – Boo Boo, 5; Cacao, 8; Peach, 9 and Tahini, 6 – got together to put their own spin on the 1980s sitcom, “The Golden Girls.”

“The Golden Dogs” stars Bea Fur, Doggy White, Ruff McClanahan and Spanielle Getty. Two of the dogs – Boo Boo and Tahini – are available for adoption.

What do you think of these older dogs’ rendition of “The Golden Girls”?


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